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This is a community for those of us frustrated by not being able to write more than ficlets. You know the feeling; you can do three pages of one scene fine. But stringing together an intricate plot? Hard. Harder than hard.

This is a place to challenge yourself, and others. When you first join up, introduce yourself and try and talk about your goals. Tell us about what you want to accomplish with it, and we'll do our very best to help you.

It may help to set a small personal goal. Something like, "I will write 1000 words on this story every two weeks." And then tell us about it so that we can poke you and help you reach that goal. Tell us the problems you have. What's bothering you about the characters? About the set-up? Let us help you.

I want to encourage people to post things you're having trouble with here. Feel free to make the posts friends only; only members of the community will be able to see it. We can offer support, constructive criticism, and tell you what rocks.

Finally, we'll start posting some general challenges shortly. Little things to help you get into the thick of your story. To dissect it and the characters and really get writing. That's the whole point, after all!